Bejeweled Twist – The famous game on your PC – Windows – English

Bejeweled Twist
Version: 1
Licence: Trial Version
Author: Bluefish
Size: 44,2 MB

The original Bejeweled is known the world over as a really fun and engaging puzzle game, and now the franchise has come out with the third installment of the series, Bejeweled Twist. In the traditional game, you have to swap colorful gems with each other in order to try and build chains of three or more, which would then make them disappear from the board. With Bejeweled Twist, however, there is a completely new challenge. Now the only way you can build those chains is by rotating entire groups of four gems clockwise to each other.

This may seem like only a small change, but it really makes Bejeweled Twist a completely new game. There is an entirely different strategy that must be used, and you have to look at the game board in a totally different way if you want to have any chance of locating possible gem combinations. Another small change to the game is that there are some new and special gems on the board that add extra challenges, but you will just have to find out about those yourself.

Although there is this big change in the gameplay, a number of the original features of Bejeweled are still offered with Bejeweled Twist. The most useful one is the varied number of bonuses that you will encounter as you play the game, which will in turn raise up your score when you either match a higher number of gems or achieve special chain combinations.

You ultimately have to buy Bejeweled Twist if you want to play indefinitely, but if you just want to try it out there is a demo version that you can mess around with for 60 minutes. In the demo version, Bejeweled Twist offers two game modes: Classic and Zen. There are also two more that you can unlock with extended gameplay. So if you enjoy these kinds of puzzles and especially if you love playing the original Bejeweled, you should definitely check out Bejeweled Twist. It has the same feel as the famous and beloved game, but with an extra degree of difficulty that will keep you on your toes.

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